Kaplan Business Challenge

Gone are the days of overstaffing, excessive inventories and non-threatening competition

Today’s employees and their leaders are exposed to tighter deadlines, constant change and doing more with less. Employees are required to make decisions quickly often under extreme pressure and without mistakes.

Holistic Learning Experience

Preferably delivered over a period of 3 days, this is a board-game which takes gamified-learning to another level. This simulation integrates the critical aspects of strategy, operational management, planning and forecasting, risk management and financial reporting within a business enterprise.
Collaborative Customisation

This business simulation is highly customisable, (even across industries) allowing organisations to address their critical priorities while still retaining the focus on developing higher commercial acumen and leadership intelligence among the employees.

Adaptive Gamification

This simulation can be used for multiple objectives.

Identify individuals who pose a business and commercial risk
Focus training investments in areas which yield maximum ROI
Reveal hidden talent
Spot skill gaps in existing workforce
Deploy targeted training interventions to attain maximum cost-effectiveness

‘Kaplan Business Challenge in Action’

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"The programme was very useful. And I was very enthusiastic to attend and actually to follow-up. Thank you Kaplan Genesis for introducing a very new, informative and entertaining programme."
– KBC Participant from a Government Entity for Health in KSA
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