Behavioural Development Programmes

Preparing future decision-makers with effective leadership and development training

We believe that decision makers exist at every level of an organisation.

These decision-makers must possess both technical competence and behavioural confidence to drive a business towards improved commercial success. Without the former, decisions may be unsubstantiated. Without the latter, decisions may have no impact and the decision maker will have little influence.

We at Kaplan use our proven methodology to create targeted and customised learning journeys using behavioural and technical elements and outlook of your employees, where they need it most.

Our carefully designed modules focus on 4 key stages of employee development: New Hires, First Time Managers, Emerging Leaders and Senior Executives.

Kaplan’s intensive leadership development programs in Dubai, Middle East and African region are intended to enrich and develop employees’ behavioural and technical skills vital to their profession and career development.

Developing Talent through effective leadership development skills training


Kaplan accelerates and directs the development of professional and leadership skills at every level in your talent pipeline.

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