Professional Learning Academies

Delivering impactful training that scales

We work with you to create learning journeys in a digital environment using a variety of delivery methods, relevant content, and engaging resources to provide your entire organization with the learning experience of the future. Kaplan has the expertise and reach to help you build a training solution for your professional academies that give your people an individualized learning experience while maintaining consistency and quality.

We believe in the democratization of learning

Appropriate learning and development should be available to everyone, not just a select few.

Imagine turning your entire business into a learning organization—this is the reason behind our learning academies and why we focus on bringing you the best knowledge, ideas, and practices into one digital environment.

Driving results

Results matter. Relevant learning and organizational performance come together in Kaplan’s design of learning academies. Partnering with Kaplan to develop digital learning academies will allow your organization to:

  • Scale your learning strategy
  • Provide local relevance and consistency
  • Complement your existing training plans with proven expertise
  • Transfer talent and skills across the organization
  • Inspire your people to constantly develop and learn
  • Turn your training costs into people investment
Learning governance is no longer an option

Effective learning governance means managing learning and development assets, resources, and expertise as a strategic business activity that drives value to the organization. Our academies will build a shared vision for people development, balance local and central requirements, and democratize learning while ensuring it stays relevant to each individual.

Professional Learning Academies and ‘Trigger, Support, Embed’

Digital delivery is flexible, available, and scalable to geographically dispersed team members. Powerful resources in the form of live onsite and online events, videos, podcasts, and peer discussion groups encourage meaningful interaction and powerful connections.

Our Trigger, Support, Embed approach is the cornerstone of Kaplan’s learning academies. By combining learning governance and today’s technologies, we help you deliver the right training to the right people.

“I am delighted with the service and support provided by Kaplan. Not only has this ensured that employees’ skills and knowledge levels are consistently high to meet the needs of our business, they also benefit from their achievement as individuals.”
– Executive Director of HR, Pharmaceutical Company

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