Transform Your Live Event or Class into a Virtual Experience
The Rapidly Deployable Virtual Classroom from Kaplan

A global leader in online education, Kaplan is a beacon for delivering innovative and flexible educational solutions. Our Rapidly Deployable Virtual Classroom is a cloud-based learning solution that enables your organisation to quickly and affordably transition from a live event to a secure online alternative.

Seamless Online Delivery for Your Live Event

If your organisation is suddenly faced with the challenge of canceling live events or forfeiting key revenue streams, we can provide the continuity your instructors and learners need to continue their educational goals without disruption. Now you can have all of your organisation’s needs met with Kaplan’s state-of-the-art virtual learning platform and online education experts.

Possible virtual solution services include, but are not limited to:

  • Hosting seminars, events, and conferences
  • Presenting Kaplan Professional events and seminars
  • Conducting live classes for your school or university
  • Conducting training or continuing education for your business

A Complete Virtual Experience

Kaplan’s proven virtual event platform is scalable up to 500 attendees. Your facilitator can check attendance, play videos, share documents, conduct polls, and use collaboration features such as whiteboards and breakout groups…with simply a computer and internet connection.

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