Kaplan in the Banking and Finance Sector

Empowering the Industry
to Move Forward

Kaplan works with banking and finance companies to help them give life to their financial numbers, stay ahead of new regulations and standards, and develop the technical and behavioural skills their graduates will need to thrive in their future careers.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Kaplan has partnered with the top 50 banking and finance companies in 30 different countries to deliver continuing professional development to more than 1.2 million clients every year.

  • Financial Storytelling

    What are the stories that engage and empower?

    Increasingly, businesses are recognising the importance of financial storytelling as a crucial skill.

    Ensure your team can build a powerful story to make numbers and data come alive and that they have the confidence to discuss financial issues with customers.

  • IFRS 17

    Why IFRS 17 now?

    IFRS 17 also affects organisations that are not typically classed as an Insurer or who do not fully operate within the insurance industry but provide a type of product or service that falls within ensuring the internal or external risk in some capacity.

    Get ready for IFRS 17 before it becomes effective in January 2021.

  • Graduate Programmes

    How can you prepare your new hires to become future leaders?

    Discover a new way to prepare your new graduates. A proven methodology that allows developing the technical and behavioural skills necessary to be able to thrive at work and achieve professional goals.

    Let your graduates become part of your organisation, understand why it exists and how they can become the leaders of the future.

"We really liked the balance and the structure of the programme between the technical, the behavioural, and the constant feedback between each other."
– Programme Participant
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